Cult Liter and the David Family Suicide – Tragedy in Utah: An Inside Look at Episode 5

Cult  Liter’s Spencer Henry takes you to a horrific ride, to one of the most tragic family suicides in US history, which included seven children on August 3, 1978, in Utah.

The David Cult family was a religion-based cult who believed himself to be a descent of the House of David. He committed suicide carbon monoxide poisoning two days before this family suicide. Immanuel changed his name from Charles Bruce Longo to Immanuel David. He believed himself to be a prophet of God and even claimed to be God, Jesus, or the Holy Christ many times. He also had a small cult of followers called the Family of David.

David’s family lived in the International Dunes Hotel room for more than a year. Immanuel was unemployed but he paid the room rent daily by cash, which was over $30,000, of which authorities don’t know where the money came from.

The Diagram Death

The doom was about to hit. The 38-year-old Rebecca David took her seven children to the eleventh-floor balcony of a hotel in Salt Lake City.  The older children began to jump willingly from the balcony to their death. Without hesitation, she throws all of her children from the balcony starting with the younger children, one at a time. One of the younger children grabbed the railing and fought for his life, but she pulled him loose and threw him off as well.

When all of her children were on the ground, Rebecca jumped to her death. Authorities said that the mother killed her children so that they could be reunited with their father. One of the sole survivors of this horrific tragedy is Rachel David, amongst the seven. She sustains severe injuries that confined her to a wheelchair for life.

The seven children were identified as Rebecca, 5, David, 6, Joseph, 8, Debra, 9, Joshua, 10, Elizabeth, 15, and Rachel, 14 who was the sole survivor in the horrific tragedy.

They deceased children did not attend school prior to the incident, but they were described as very bright, well dressed and polite. Additionally, the source of income of the family was never clear. However, law enforcement determined that the money was running out right around the time of the suicide.

You listen more to this horrific story here: Cult Liter with Spencer Henry.

You can know more about the murder of David Family by watching this video here

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