“The top radio content and podcasts about Cult that we select for you from 500,000+ podcast channels”

“The “cult leader” Henry tells these creepy tales with personality and humour. A special highlight: Every now and then he hosts a “Little Liter” episode, telling stories of his listeners who were confronted with crime stories in their own lives. The podcast reached the top of the iTunes charts after just 12 episodes”

“Best Culte Podcasts We Could Find”

“This podcast has been one of my favorite for awhile. This series is hosted by Spencer Henry. He typically covers more well-known cases, though he has less episodes than the above mentioned. He covers these crimes in a relaxed way, and does not make light of the fact that these victims are real people. He focuses mostly on the victims. “

“One of my all time favourite podcasts is Cult Liter presented by Spencer Henry, hairstylist and content manager for L’Oreal. I absolutely live for his quirky commentary and reactions, and can’t stop trying to convince friends and family to give him a go. Spencer covers topics from, yep you guessed it, cults to murder cases and general weird and macabre history. I like that he goes pretty deep into the history of each killer or general weirdo, providing an in-depth look at why said weirdo could have turned out in the way they have, but with a touch of humour “

“Dibawakan oleh Spencer Henry, podcast Cult Liter menjadi salah satu yang terpopuler di dunia. Selain pembunuhan, kasus yang diliput adalah perkara cult alias pemuja keyakinan khusus dan berbagai peristiwa mengerikan serta spooky lainnya. Dibawakan dengan efek lo-fi dan narasi yang santai dan kadang kala kocak, podcast ini pun sudah punya banyak pendengar dari seluruh dunia”

“My younger cousin actually turned me onto this podcast after making me watch a Youtube video with Spencer Henry in it. Once again, this focuses on true crime and some of the biggest mysteries in history such as Lizzie Borden, JonBenét Ramsey, and the origin story for the movie Death of a Cheerleader. Cult Liter is delivered in a similar way to MFM in that he is just honest and himself, which I love!”

“Host Spencer Henry puts a new spin to the crime series as a relatively new person to the podcast life. Henry covers a slew of murder series in his Cult Liter podcast series, his most recent show was on Lori Vallow who claimes her children were zombies. Keeping to facts in his series, this is one worth giving a listen. “

“Cult Liter, hosted by Spencer Henry, is all about macabre history and covers all areas of the dark and unexplainable. In the show’s JonBenét episode, Spencer and his best friend, Glam & Gore YouTuber Mykie, share their thoughts on the chilling and infamous case”

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